Lives in Toronto.
Licensed Professional Engineer since 1992.
FileMaker Business Alliance member since 2013.

Leo is employed by Insight Technologies Construction Corp, a design-build mechanical contractor. He manages the design, procurement, and installation of mechanical systems for new construction. He also designs and develops solutions that assist him and his team improve their workflow. The solutions are built on the FileMaker Platform.
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The FileMaker Platform is relatively new to Leo. Like most project managers, he used Excel and accounting software to help him manage his projects. Then he discovered something better in FileMaker, when he began the Bay Adelaide Centre in 2006. Since then, Leo has created unique solutions for himself and for entrepreneurs in various industries. The solutions are iOS ready, and compatible with Mac and PC.
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And when he’s not busy at his day job, or building custom FileMaker solutions on the side, Leo volunteers for Engineers Without Borders as an Engineer-in-Residence at his local elementary school.
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