Deleting a FileMaker Go File

Deleting a FileMaker Go file is easy to do manually: swipe, tap, and it’s gone. But what about scripting the deletion? Piece of cake. Simply export a zero found set.

FileMaker Go
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Case Study – Updating a FileMaker Solution
It helps to understand when it’s appropriate to delete an FM Go file from an iPad or an iPhone. Let’s say you want to deploy periodic updates of a FileMaker solution to an iOS device without syncing. When a user checks for updates, the solution creates a local backup of itself, and the new version imports the user’s data from the backup. This keeps the user’s data private and eliminates the need to sync single-user solutions with a hosted file.

But what happens to the backup? After the import, it’s no longer needed, and should be deleted.

Sample File
Here’s a sample file with a script that deletes an FM Go file. LDprototype_delFile.fmp12. It’s best downloaded to your iPad or iPhone to test, and to your computer to analyze.

TechNet Members
Details are available to FileMaker TechNet Members here.

See it in Action
The technique explained here is used in our own LD iOS Solutions, which are available for free download in our store.