FileMaker Pro Business Solutions — On the Side

UPDATED July 14, 2017
I create custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web — on the side, in my spare time.

Some of the solutions are for my own use, managing construction projects. Other solutions help others, mostly entrepreneurs, to manage some aspect of their small business. Very niche. Very focused.

FBA certified since 2013.


FBA certified means that I belong to the FileMaker Business Alliance, which allows me to resell FileMaker software at a discount. One must submit sample Solutions to FileMaker Inc before becoming a member. They check the samples to make sure applicants meet the FBA’s technical standards. I’ve been a proud member since 2013.

YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!! thank you a lot!!!
— Mara Cataldi, Organization Manager, L’altra Italia

My clients are not big, but they are small. 😀
And medium sized. In various industries.

    Clients include Data Bay Media, Dura-GRIT Inc., Dynamic Greens, Guardian Home Inspectors, L’altra Italia, Memory and Company, Pandor Productions, Quinn Investigations Inc., William Knapp Limited, Woodward Meat Purveyors Inc., and York Auto.

Industries served: Automotive, Agriculture, Forestry, Fashion, Film, Financial, Live Events, Manufacturing, Health, Food, and my personal favourite… Construction.

I’ve also subcontracted for some of Canada’s leading FileMaker Pro Designers / Developers.

Leo was hired on a project basis. He was very competent, courteous and thorough. He asked good questions. We liked his logical approach and understood his explanations easily. We are still happily using the streamlined system that Leo developed for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Leo to other FileMaker users, they would certainly benefit from his logical approach and his thoroughness.
— Roger Mason, Owner, Dura-GRIT Inc.

Streamline your business
With custom business solutions for iPad, iPhone, desktop and web.

FileMaker is cross-platform compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and the web. Learn more about FileMaker.

Services include:
● design and development of new solutions
● troubleshooting and modification of existing files
● custom syncing solutions for iPads and iPhones
● process and systems analyses
● third party hosting
● strategies for vertical market
● coaching for developers and do-it-yourselfers

Does exactly what we wanted.
— Mike Meehan, William Knapp Limited

B2B Custom Solutions
I like working with entrepreneurs that understand the benefits of custom software. If you want to distinguish yourself from your competition — in a real way — create a custom business solution that supports, augments, and elevates your workflow.

    Off-the-shelf software often has features not relevant to your business. Irrelevant features confuse your users and slow them down. And some features might be missing — features that are useful or even critical to your business.

Even so-called industry software cannot pretend to know your business. At best, they know your industry.

My custom software solutions support and enhance your business processes.

Save on FileMaker products

Save on FileMaker products. I am an authorized FileMaker reseller, which means I can save you a few points on licensing. Call me before you buy:
● FileMaker software
● Volume license agreements
● Site license agreements
● Maintenance agreements

Awesome, works perfectly. We always got a quick response and the solutions were completed in excellent time.
— Brandon Woodward, Woodward Meat Purveyors Inc.

Businesses that use my custom solutions enjoy a high return on investment. I look for ways to streamline your process and eliminate waste. Think Lean production.

    As a mechanical engineer and a FileMaker Pro developer, I am uniquely positioned to assess problems in your workflow and to fix them. The result saves you time and money.

Team Leo
I can’t do it all myself. But I know people. After four Developer Conferences in the U.S. and 31 meetups in Toronto, I’ve gotten to know a community of specialized developers that can tackle any project. The projects are managed by me personally in close communication with you. Depending on your needs, I do the work myself, or select the right team of skilled developers, contemporary designers and makers of great code. These are very smart cats.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. 
If you want to go far, go together.”
— old African proverb

Technologies covered:
● HTML5 and CSS3
● PHP and MySQL
● WordPress
● FileMaker Pro

Solutions built:
● document management
● scheduling and cost tracking
● stock portfolio and options trading
● event management
● syncing iOS
● purchase orders
● payment gateways

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