How to Sync FM Go

Charting a Sync Solution
Charting a Sync Solution

***UPDATE Jul 23, 2014***
Katherine Russell updated the iOS Sync Guide. FileMaker TechNet members can download it here. Some chatter on the forum about sample files. I may get around to updating mine but first, I’m going to try EasySync.

Check it out. EasySync is an “open source, alternative sync framework for the FileMaker platform.” Sounds promising, and sure beats reading the Guide (sorry Katherine). Also has obvious advantages over commercial products. More.

Why Sync
Why bother syncing local FileMaker Go files to a server? Hosted files on a server allow multiple users to share their data, and local files allow users to work offline. If you want users to share data and work offline you’ll need a solution that syncs the two.

How to Sync
Start by reading Katherine Russell’s FileMaker Sync Guide. It’s the best source on the subject. Not exactly an easy read, so be warned. Especially you beginners out there.

I read the Guide in some detail, and edited it with lessons learned, typos, and suggestions. I also made a flowchart to illustrate an alternative (quicker?) method of collecting and processing $IDs to sync. It’s the last page on the edited version.

The edited version.

The original version.

Next Steps
Build the sync files described in the Guide and ask for help if you need it. I coach students on how to build the files step by step. We use the same table names, the same field names and the same script steps used in the Guide. Very handy if you need to refer back.

The three files are:
1. DeployedOnGo.fmp12
2. HostedOnServer.fmp12
3. SyncConnector.fmp12

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