How to Forecast a Large Construction Project — Step by Step

Jam-Packed Workshops Plus One Concise Spreadsheet

Exclusively for Mechanical Contractors


A valuable series of workshops for quality-driven mechanical contractors, presented by a quality-driven mechanical engineer. The workshops are presented live, in a virtual setting. Project managers learn how to systematically plan, track, and create consistent rolling forecasts. 3 workshops, 60 to 90 minutes each, once a week for 3 weeks. Together, the workshops dovetail planning and productivity toward 1 goal: concise forecasting reports.

Part 1 - Planning

In Part 1, students dive right into a case study by reviewing the drawings and specs of a large commercial tower. We search for gaps and overlaps in scope before setting up the job. Job setup consists of 3 key components: the budget, the construction schedule and the billing breakdown. Students learn what these three have in common and how to capitalize on their integration.

Part 2 - Productivity

In Part 2, students continue the case study and explore various types of work breakdown structures (WBS’s), and why some WBS’s are better at driving productivity than others. Starting with a labour plan, students build their own spreadsheet and learn how to track progress and calculate productivity. Various productivity scenarios are modelled including one that supports construction claims, using near real-time data.

Part 3 - Forecasting

In Part 3, students conclude the case study by reporting the outcomes at various stages of construction. Financial outcomes are reported for month 1, month 2, month 3, and so on. Basic formulas — and more advanced techniques — are used to calculate costs at completion and variances for labour, material, equipment and subcontracts. Plus we learn how delayed starts and schedule compressions affect a project’s s-curve in interesting and meaningful ways.


Contact your local Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) to register.

Space is limited to 10 students per workshop.


If your mechanical association doesn’t already offer this valuable workshop, kindly email them a link to this page.

About the Presenter

Leo Di Croce is a professional engineer with almost 30 years of experience designing and managing mechanical construction projects in Canada. He has worked for EllisDon, Modern Niagara and other large contractors, supporting the pursuit, execution, and closeout of Class-A buildings, such as ● the 2015 Pan / ParaPan American Games Athletes’ Village ● 81 Bay Street ● the Bay Adelaide Centre ● One York ● Sheridan College Davis Applied Engineering Centre ● Bremner Office Tower ● Delta Hotel ● 18 York ● Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care ● George Brown College Waterfront Campus ● Crosslinx Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility ● Forensic Services and Coroner’s Complex ● GTAA Terminal 3 ● Maritime Life Building ● UHN Western Hospital East Wing Addition ● Credit Valley Hospital Expansion ● and more. The value of construction projects managed to date exceeds $1 billion. Can read a psychrometric chart and a job cost report. 1 part Engineer, 1 part project manager, 2 parts geek, and 3 parts back-country enthusiast. Too many parts?


…very useful information.

It was a valuable and interesting lesson.

Excellent, a lot of useful resources and information

[Learned] how to measure and evaluate productivity.

Simplify labour plans for better accuracy and to stream line forecasting.

Thank you very much for the… Webinar, I found it to be very informative.

How to look into WBS from another standpoint and think about using units along with time.

a lot of info packed into a short period of time; the perfect balance of efficient use of time, and valuable information.

…putting the idea of typical tasks into play. The spread sheet… gives the logic/formulae to apply thinking in installed units vs work per floor.

Thanks again Leo for hosting another really informative session. [This helps our team] further understand the math and science behind the processes [that we] use today. It’s one thing to know how to use the apps etc, but sometimes we can get lost and forget what it is we are really trying to measure, and why.

Download the Workbook

Download 4Cast Pro, the 4-in-1 workbook that helps project managers plan, track, forecast and more.



Use the Costs worksheet to record budgets, commitments, and costs to date. The worksheet automatically calculates buyout savings, variances, and costs at ​completion.



Use the Hours worksheet to record planned hours, planned units, and hours to date. The worksheet automatically calculates percent completes, productivity, variances and hours at completion.



Use the Supervision worksheet  to calculate supervision hours automatically, and to illustrate manpower loading.​



Use the Analysis worksheet to plot budget cost and hours versus time, and actual cost and hours versus time​: A simple yet effective early warning system.

The workbook is available to registered webinar attendees at no additional charge. Or it can be purchased here separately.

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