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TotallyTenants is a cloud-based app for landlords.

Three Pillars

We had 4 doors. Then 4 became 5, and something snapped.

We needed an easier way to record and keep track of all the data associated with our long term rental properties.

“There’s an app for that,” or so we thought. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one that was right for us, one that was focused primarily on our day-to-day operations. So we made our own.

Our app is a multi-user database built on three pillars, so to speak. The three pillars are all about the day-to-day stuff. They are:

  1. Tenancies – The data associated with tenancies includes tenant info, the rental unit, the rent, rent increases, extra charges and tenant insurance verifications.
  2. Service Calls – The data associated with service calls includes rental unit, service type, dates opened and closed, to whom the service call was assigned, and the equipment serviced.
  3. Cashflow – The data associated with cashflow includes the date, amount, description, and related data. For revenue: the related tenancy. For expenses: the related cost code and the related payee.

The other data associated with long term rentals are organized differently. For example, data associated more with setup than with day-to-day operations are grouped here:

  • Contacts
  • Cost Codes
  • Equipment & Devices
  • Rental Properties
  • Rental Units
  • Stakeholders

TotallyTenants was built to help us, as landlords, perform our day-to-day operations. We hope it does the same for you.

— Leo Di Croce


The following features are available to all members:

  1. Easy Property Setup for:
    1. Property Stakeholders – Identify property stakeholders and their roles. Assign property admin rights to the stakeholders you trust most.
    2. Rental Units – List the rental units in the building and describe them. For example, 1 bdrm, 2 bdrm. Or use sq ft for commercial units.
    3. Cost Codes – Use the default Cost Codes or create your own. Cost codes are optional but super useful for organizing expenses.
    4. Equipment – Create equipment records for equipment that serves the property. Scan barcodes to identify the equipment or enter the data manually.
  2. Easy Tenancy Setup:
    1. To record which rental unit is being rented, by whom, when, and for how much.
    2. To set the defaults for rent increases.
    3. To toggle Tenant Insurance on and off. For example, if a tenant must have liability insurance at all times.
    4. To toggle Unit Nesting on and off. For example, if a parking spot is included in an apartment tenancy.
  3. Automated Tenancy Calculations for:
    1. The current rent – based on starting rent plus the rent increase(s) to date.
    2. The age of a tenancy – based on tenancy start date and tenancy status.
    3. The status of a tenancy – for example, Not Started,  Ongoing or Ended.
    4. Rent received – TotallyTenants calculates what it thinks the revenue should be for a  tenant on a particular month — after a user creates a new line item for the revenue. Users can also edit the line item manually if need be.
    5. Rent increases – TotallyTenants calculates what it thinks the next increase should be — after a user creates a new line item for it. The calculations are based on the defaults set earlier.
    6. Deposits and interest on deposits – TotallyTenants calculates what it thinks the deposit for last month’s rent should be and what it thinks the interest on the deposit should be — after a user creates a new line item for them. Users should check the terms of their lease to see if interest is owed on a tenant’s deposit. If interest is owed on the deposit, users can choose — for each line item — what action to record for the interest. They have three choices: (i) Applied to Deposit, (ii) Owed to Tenant, or (iii) Paid to Tenant 
  4. More Tenancy Management Features:
    1. Extra Charges – Record extra charges for late payments, damage, etc.
    2. Tenant Insurance Verifications – Verify a tenant’s liability insurance coverage, if applicable, at a glance. Alerts appear on Tenancy Alerts.
    3. Tenancy Alerts – See due dates for the next Rent Increases and the next Rent Increase Notices — at a glance. Never miss a rent increase again!
  5. Important Tools  For Equipment Maintenance:
    1. Equipment Browse – See Service Records at a glance.
    2. Maintenance Cycles – Define the maintenance cycles for equipment and devices, like furnace filter changes or smoke detector tests.
    3. Maintenance Schedule – See next-service dates at a glance. Never miss a smoke detector test again!
  6. The ABC’s of Managing Service Calls:
    1. Create a repair or maintenance service record.
    2. Assign the work to your handyman or your tradesperson, or even to yourself.
    3. Close the service record by simply recording when the service was performed.
  7. Fast, Flexible and Contextual Cashflow Data Entry:
    1. Recurring Expenses – Copy a recurring expense, like Property Taxes, with a single tap. TotallyTenants creates a new expense record, one month from the last.
    2. Contextual Transactions – Record Revenue and Expenses in context. Meaning revenue related to a specific tenancy. Or expenses related to a specific rental unit, paid to a specific supplier, and/or allocated to a specific cost code.
    3. Split Expense – Create up to three splits for each expense. Or no split at all. Your choice.
  8. Advanced Search for
    1. Transactions – Find records by word search, paid-to, cost code, or rental unit.
    2. Service –  Find records by word search, status, assigned-to, or rental unit.
    3. Equipment – Find records by word search, category, ownership, rental unit, or barcode.


TotallyTenants has concise reports, ready to email with one tap:*

  1. Rent Roll – For potential buyers to help them with their due diligence.
  2. Rent Ledger – For your tenant or paralegal, to help settle disputes. The rent ledger is a detailed account of payables and receivables.
  3. Rent Receipts – For your tenants’ income tax returns.
  4. Service Log – For your handyman and your trades people, so they know what’s outstanding and who’s doing what.
  5. Cashflow – For your accountant, to help him or her categorize your expenses for your income tax return.

*Some reports prompt the member for a date range.
What’s New

TotallyTenants is updated on a regular basis, so members always have the latest version. No need for members to update manually.

Mar 2021

  • Fixed bug that calculated the balance due incorrectly for Tenancies that do not start on the 1st of the month

Oct 2020

  • Modified access to various features and layouts depending on a stakeholder’s stake in a property. For example, a repair man with zero percent stake in a property now has limited access to the property’s data, namely the service calls. No more access to the property’s financial data.
  • Replaced the Typical-Life-Cycle field on the Property Setup>Equipment layout with Expiry Date, so users can record the expiry date, for devices like smoke detectors.
  • Modified the Equipment Maintenance Schedule to show Next Service Required/Expiry Date, whichever comes first. The underline tells the user which date.
  • Fixed a bug on the Service Call Edit screen that made the “Delete Service Call” button appear to be disabled.
  • Fixed a Unit filter bug that prevented Units from being listed in the dropdown menu on the Service Calls’ advanced-search popover.
  • Fixed two bugs related to the “+ Revenue” button on the Tenancy layout. The “+ Revenue” button automatically calculates the expected revenue from a Tenancy — month by month. The first bug incorrectly calculated the expected revenue for tenancies that did not start on the first of the month. The second bug was caused by the changes made to the receivables script last month.

Sep 2020

  • Improved the performance of a script that automatically calculates the  receivables for Tenancies. The receivables are used to determine status and balance due.
  • Fixed a receivables bug that affected the Tenancies list layout, whereby a tenancy’s status — with respect to balance due — was unreliable. 

Jul 2020

  • Removed Prorated Rent field on Tenancy Setup layout.
  • Renamed “Extra Charges” to “Adjustments” on Tenancy browse layout. Here users can make adjustments to the Balance Due. For example, prorated rents, refunds for last month’s rent, extra charges, or any other manual adjustment.

Jun 2020

  • Removed Service Type column from Service Log
  • Concatenated Service Type and Description columns on Service Log.

May 2020

  • Added the ability for a property Admin to specify a stakeholder’s “stake” in a property.
  • Changed the stakeholder’s “role” so it calculates automatically based on the stakeholder’s “stake.” For example, a stakeholder with a 100% stake is an Owner, a stakeholder with less than 100% stake but greater than 0% is a Co-Owner, and a stakeholder with 0% stake is Support.
  • Added “My Stake” to the cashflow graph layout
  • Added a portfolio layout similar to the cashflow graph layout, except the portfolio has a bar chart that shows properties on the x-axis and monthly cashflow on the y-axis, plus a monthly total for all properties.
  • Added “My Stake” to the portfolio layout
  • Added Prorated Rent to the tenancy setup, in case a tenancy begins after the first of the month.

April 2020

  • Doubled the limit for the number of line items allowed in a cashflow report. It’s now 200.
  • Renamed a field in the Tenancy Setup from “Unit Is Included in Other Tenancy” to “Unit Nesting.”
  • Made it harder to delete a property. Members must now type the word “DELETE” in all caps to confirm deletion.
  • Fixed a bug on the home screen that prevented the proper display of three buttons — New Property, Select Property, and Setup — after a user deleted a property.

March 2020

  • Added Tenancy option to select if “Unit is included in other Tenancy.” For example if parking is included. This allows users to list all available parking spaces, garages, storage units, etc. separately and decide what’s included — and what’s extra.
  • Added Tenancy Alerts on new slide panel
  • Added Tenant Insurance table to track tenant liability insurance
  • Added Rent Receipt to Tenancy layout
  • Fixed bug that displayed incorrect rent after user input rent increase actual date

Feb 2020

  • Moved “hamburger” menu from the top right to the top left of the home screen
  • Added Property Setup to the top right of the home screen
  • New Advanced button in Property Setup navigates to Equipment
  • Added Equipment layout with field for Maintenance Cycle, which prompts the user in Service Alerts
  • Added Service Alerts in a new slide panel
  • Added Advanced Search for Equipment and Service Calls

Jan 2020

  • Added split for expenses
  • Added Advanced Search for Transactions

Dec 2019

  • Added Rent Ledger to Tenancy layout
  • Added Deposit and Interest calculator to Tenancy layout
  • Added Extra Charges to Tenancy layout
  • Fixed conditional formatting error on Delete buttons

Oct 2019

  • Launch

System Requirements

TotallyTenants works on iOS devices, plus macOS and Windows computers. TotallyTenants is a database solution hosted on a dedicated secure server. Members have access to the server, and can share their rental properties with other members. Some conditions apply.

In order to access TotallyTenants, members need FileMaker* installed on their iOS device or on their computer.

  • For iOS devices, get FM Go 18, which is free on the App Store
  • For macOS and Windows computers, get FM Pro (16 or later). Please contact us for pricing.

* The FileMaker platform is arguably the best database platform in the world. Apps on the FileMaker platform work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. FileMaker is a Claris Company, which is owned by Apple.

Suitable For All Rental Property Types

  • Single-Family, Duplex, Triplex​
  • Commercial Multi-Res, Retail, Office​
  • Mixed-Use, Self-Storage, Industrial​


Video for “My Example Property”

Sample Reports

Own Your Data

TotallyTenants is a database solution that landlords use to store their data.

Share Your Data

TotallyTenants is a multi-user app that landlords use to share their data with trusted stakeholders.​

Protect Your Data

TotallyTenants is a private, members-only platform.


An excellent tool for small Landlords.

Susan Priest
Licensed Paralegal / LSO

Thinking about succession?

Teach your children well. Show them the easier way to keep track of their (future) properties.

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