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The project was lead in quality, schedule, coordination, foresight and team compliance by the mechanical project manager... from day one.
Paul Hickey
Construction Manager, Ellis Don

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Advanced Learning For Mechanical Contractors

New For 2020: Financial Forecasting for Mechanical Project Managers

Day 1


  • Learn How To Recognize Gaps And Overlaps In Various Scopes of Work
  • Learn How To Set Up a Budget
  • Learn What Labour Plans, Construction Schedules And Billing Breakdowns Have In Common

Day 2


  • Learn How To Create A Powerful Work Breakdown Structure Designed To Drive Productivity
  • Learn How To Track Progress And Trend Productivity — Near Real-Time
  • Learn How Productivity Data Can Support Or Discredit Claims

Day 3


  • Learn How To Read and Write  Financial Forecasts
  • Learn How To Take the Guesswork Out Of Your Financial Forecasts With Basic Techniques
  • Learn How To Improve The Accuracy Of Your Financial Forecasts With Advanced Techniques

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